When You're Stuck At Home: Gardening Tips from the Experts!

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When You're Stuck At Home: Gardening Tips from the Experts!

Feeling a bit restless, and looking for something to do? We sure do love a good DIY, especially when it involves some vitamin D! Learn how to build your own DIY garden from JoAnn Goldenburg, owner of the Dahlonega Butterfly Farm. If vegetable gardens and medicinal plants are more your thing, learn some tips from one of our favorite doctors, Dr. Whitfield.


Visit Dahlonega Virtually: Free Dahlonega Zoom Backgrounds

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Visit Dahlonega Virtually: Free Dahlonega Zoom Backgrounds

It’s no secret that… WMISS Dahlonega! We miss our friends and family… We miss our study buddies... We miss our coworkers... Our favorite shop keepers... We miss our North Georgia waterfalls, and eating at our favorite restaurants downtown. 

But we think we know how to make this easier! Whether you're meeting with coworkers or having a happy hour with friends,  Zoom video conferencing  is a way for all of us to stay connected to each other during this time. Instead of having your house as the background of your video, pretend you are at one of these amazing places in Dahlonega with these free virtual Zoom backgrounds.




Dahlonega Delivers

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As many of us shelter in place these days, we find ourselves looking to a future free of travel restrictions.  I promise you that those days will return. Oh, the places we’ll go!  The things we’ll see! The restaurants we’ll dine in!  The shops we’ll patronize! In the meantime, communities across the country unite to help local business owners and, to be sure, Dahlonega delivers on this promise as well.


Experience the Science of Things to Come in Dahlonega

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Looking for something different to do with the family?  How about building a house for butterflies or honeybees?  The 3rd annual Dahlonega Science Festival (Vision 2020 – The Science of Things to Come) takes place on the weekend of March 6-8, 2020.  The festival features science-themed events that are free and open to the public.  There are dozens of events for all ages.


Dahlonega: The Ultimate Hallmark Town

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Dahlonega: The Ultimate Hallmark Town

Happy New Year! This year, we want to look back and remember the recognition we have received across a few well-known websites and magazines, such as the Travel Channel, the American Journal Constitution, and more! See why magazines and websites call Dahlonega "The Top Hallmark Christmas Town".

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