Sasquatch Spotted in Downtown Dahlonega

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Sasquatch Spotted in Downtown Dahlonega

All too often rumors of Bigfoot sightings are dismissed as the idle ramblings of over-enthusiastic college students, crazed woodsy types in the wrong place at the wrong time, or late night revelers under the influence. But it’s hard to argue with a stationary webcam capturing documented footage of a Sasquatch on time-coded video tape.

Such was the case Thursday night, after hours, when something large, furry and highly animated was caught on tape meandering and gesturing wildly, walking the quiet streets of downtown Dahlonega. The sighting, corroborated by a number of downtown patrons, including several whose own phone cams also documented the unusual appearance near the Gold Museum in the center of the Historic Public Square, seems to be real.

Law enforcement officials were apparently not called and from webcam video it appeared the creature caused no harm. Chamber of Commerce staff are currently reviewing footage on the webcam in search of clues as to where and how this Bigfoot – or Bigfoot wannabe – found its way into our busy little town. You too can monitor comings and goings live on our webcam at www.dahlonega.org/webcam.

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David Zunker

David Zunker

David Zunker is the Tourism Director at the Dahlonega-Lumpkin Chamber & Visitors Bureau. He is a journalist by training and a tourism professional by trade – having spent more than 25 years in the hospitality and travel business with resorts, state tourism offices, CVBs and chambers of commerce.

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