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Dahlonega's Graves of Gold

Written by // Chris Worick Categories // History & Heritage

Dahlonega's Graves of Gold

Now that the hot days of summer have given way to more tolerable temperatures, autumn is a great time to get out and explore Lumpkin County. The spectacular view of the north Georgia mountains combined with the changing fall colors highlight the natural beauty of our region. Driving along the secondary roads of the county, it is inevitable that at some point, visitors will pass by one of our lesser known historic features; cemeteries.


There’s Gold in That There Dahlonega Gold Museum

Written by // UNG English Department Categories // History & Heritage

There’s Gold in That There Dahlonega Gold Museum

The Dahlonega Gold Museum has long been an attraction for tourists to this little mountain town. It harbors many displays of historical artifacts and interesting items that tell the story of how Dahlonega became the city it is today. From huge gold nuggets, to maps of the mines, to a document signed by the 10th President of the United States- the Gold Museum features objects that brilliantly display the charm and the history of Dahlonega.

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